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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I Did: Little Tokyo Visit and Q Pop Shop

Other than having a fun outing with friends I was pleasantly surprised to see a new store opening on Astronaut St. Q Pop Shop won't have it grand opening for another month or so, but it already has a distinctive look and feel.

 They have some weird looking products, stylish tees, vinyl toys and art books. I'm sure even more will be brought in before it really opens.
 Do you notice a certain art style coming through? I picked up his book without even noticing he was in the the store. Kevin Dart was lending his artistic talents to make the store stand out.
 I only talked with him for a second and the owner Christopher Mitchell .Chris was telling me about how he and his wife just chose to start a store there. I guess the area pops to them. I look forward to seeing the store when it's done and love a married couple who can get there hands dirty setting up a store together. However, his wife was using the power tools outside. I'll try and snag a interview, with Mr. Mitchell (??) maybe post Pop.

I guess I haven't blogged about the local video game arcades in LA in a while.  Japan Arcade recently had a facelift. The owner has finally started selling drinks and snacks, maybe if he worked on his personality and tried talking to anyone the place would really shine. He might just be a employee now, I heard a rumor he was bought out by others, maybe they paid for the improvements. Japan Arcade actually now has more room in it. Seems a lot of it was just being used for arcade cabinet storage. Sadly, on a side note The All Amusement Fun Center located at The Plant outdoor mall is dead and changed to a barbershop college. I'm not joking it's really a lame hair salon school now.

 Some new games were added, but placement didn't seem to be on the mind at the time. There still random and don't really have sections.
 Another surprise was to see a new video game store open in Little Tokyo. It seems the owner of Reflex Gamer still thinks the area is viable after he had to shut down his business titled Reflex Gamer which was next to Anime Jungle. Maybe Gameshop Outer Heaven will do better, it's a nicer name.

The video store in the mall has moved across the street. Side note* I've heard nothing, but bad stuff about that mall, don't park there. Just the indoor mall in village plaza , not the other Mall.

 Hold Up Art was tearing down it's latest show, it's kind of behind the time on hating Fox News and blaming Bush.

Yeah, it looks like what it looks like.