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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeless Kills Old Lady In Little Tokyo

Weird news, when I visited Little Tokyo last weekend a homeless person shoved a old woman onto the gold line tracks. The frail old lady Betty Sugiyama cracked open her skull on the gold line tracks at the Little Tokyo Station and died shortly after. Her elderly sister was right next to her and witnessed the horror as the now identified crazy homeless lady Jackkqueline Pogue delibritely pushed her on the tracks for no reason. Stranger thing is the crazy woman dressed in all black than sat back down as though nothing had happened. Apparently she was released from a hospital and was heavily medicated.

Crazy homeless murderer Pogue was arrested and is being held for a million dollars bail.

That must have just been weird to see if you were just minding your own business and you watched someone get murdered. In the different articles I've read so far I haven't heard any reports from witnesses other than the deasesed's sister. I haven't heard of anything close to that happeing in Little Tokyo other than people being hit by the actual shuttle, which happend a bit when it first opened. I guess the police should crack down on homeless.

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