Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rubber & Norwegian Ninja Premieres in LA

I guess I'm holding back my emotion, but I'm ecstatic for these event. AFI fest isn't just showing these movies, there showing them for free. I've been waiting a long time to see both of them. After seeing these clips via sites like twitch I was hooked.

To repeat myself Rubber is about a telekinetic tire that kills people. Norwegian Ninja is exactly as it sounds. Both were shown at Fantastic Fest for good reason, they sound Fantastic.

Rubber was directed by Quentin Dupieux a French electric house musician who recently became a film maker. Damn, it I just read the band Justice did the soundtrack for Rubber, too. Anyway he just decided to make a weird horror movie. Wherever it's played it seems to have made the crowd explode we joy.

Norwegian Ninja is from the people who did Dead Snow, the movie about Nazi zombies. They took a strange historical incident where someone in the Norwegian government was considered a spy in the 1970's than blew it out of proportions.

Both of these movies have gotten a lot of fan fare all over the net ans seem to be the next big thing on Netflix to stream and watch with friends for a fun time.

U see I don't have tickets for Rubber, yet so I'm not as happy as I should that it's playing in LA. I've been waiting a while to see these for a long time and I'm just so amazed there playing for free.