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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DCon Demolished

Dcon or Designercon demolished Pasadena this weekend with a vinyl toy explosion over color and rare figures to collect. Raffles and free toy give-aways, meeting artists in person, and of course vinyl toys galore took hold of the extremely oddly placed Pasadena Convention Center. I had fun and when people eventually found the Designercon they were too. Seriously, one lady was following me and my friend in hope I've finding the place. Overall I had immense amount of fun till the show shut down at five. Looking through the different figures, toys, plushies, and art available. I recommend making out to next year's if you didn't this year. The artist of the pieces are very happy to meet there fans, they'll even discuss there work with you. Meet like mind vinyl enthusiasts isn't bad either.

Here's some random pics from the con. I should have gotten more, but there weren't many figure I cared for this year. I'll try to post some more pics from my friend's camera.

I'm afraid to say most of this post has Star War images, and could be considered a obligatory Star Wars post. I was kind of both saddened and happy by all the Star Wars stuff. When you get down to it, you have to wonder where originality ends and ripping off begins. My point is that an a artist maybe should come up with some original stuff instead of just redoing let's say Star Wars. Maybe the Obligatory Star Wars post has just made me sick of Star Wars, but it kind of strange. It's strange because I saw a lot of takes on other well known characters at the show.

Above is Sucklord and his new Star Wars t-shirt

Below is some of the worst art I saw at the show. I hated the Spoonful of Star Wars show. Frankly it was stupid to have one artist do it. I like it when multiple artist get on board to do a dunny or lasts years Yokai's. Instead what you got were small paintings of Star Wars figures farting and barfing, whoop-dee-doo. It saddens me that So Analog didn't get the space instead.

 Some lego Star Wars

 Super 7 had a Storm Trooper Figure I might have mentioned before in the Star Wars Oblig posts. It's rocket punch is real and gun has two settings, the Super Stormtrooper Shogun is ready for a fight. Roller skate shoes and real rubber around it's arms let it move with ease.