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Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween Has Passed?

 So I've been so busy of late I forgot to show some of my Halloween pics off. Above you can see how the front of the house was converted to a creepy meat shop. Many of the items that were mde for the party were DIY and recycled material. Cardboard was use to make the meat hanging up high.  
The tower was in full view, with a Sauron looking ballon eye on top. A costume contest was held and different awards were given out. 

 Oh, Mummy elephant, creating you was , ever so much fun. Mummy elephant was made of thrown out register paper, two cars seats, a head board, wrapping paper, a broke lamp, a broken vacum(nose) and discarde metal.

 Tombstones were fun and still funny when they got peed on after someone had too many drinks.

 There was dancing, drinking, and I showed Murder Balloon on loop. I was having to much fun to take that many pics. I might have some more I'll have to look.