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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Update* Man I hate blogger sometimes, it has the annoyance of not allowing multiple images uploaded at the same a time. I thought when I added my photos via Picasa they stayed online. They didn't that's why the images are missing. I'm going to try and put them back manually (uggh) i'll have these back up hopefully soon.

So I headed down to Sawtelle's Japanese area. It has some cool shops like Black Market ans some trendy little places to eat.

I started by looking throught the shirts left over by Game Night 3 at Giant Robot. Meat Bun makes some fine shirts. Scott Pilgrim show some of his moves below.

 I recently had to look for a Hello Kitty gift for a friend's birthday. I was saddened to see how many strange items come from such a strange character that has no soul. Yes there Hello Kitty pepper mills.

Lightsaber umbrellas were on sale. Seem kind of cheap though. It looks like Sushi Stop hasn't been stoped by any lawsuit by gamestop, yet. I didn't try the place, but the concept is like a braziallan barbecue place, they won't stop until you put up a sign. So you keep getting sushi till you raise you sign which happens to be in the shape of a hand.

Then it was over to Hyper Game, this Japanese import store has it all. It's a small store filled with imports and some really rare finds. Prices seems high, but you are importing.

I love the box art for Japanese games. Look up and you'll see Taiko Drum Master for Wii, which sadly. still hasn't seen any stateside appearance. Below you'll see Disegea and to the right some sort of simulation game.

 Then I ate at Tofu Ya, which is overpriced for what you get. I had a nice beef platter, but for what was spent I should have gotten a lot more.

Then it was on like Donkey Kong ( which might be copywritten soon by Nintendo) to Pixel Pushers retro video game art show. The show was small and simple. Below you can see the Famicom designed Scion which really had only two nice feature, gamecontroller butoon door openers and a projectors in the headlights.

 Jude Buffum work is very silly, but has the look of in game graphics. I don't know where he got the idea of slicing up poor Yoshi, but it works. It woked so well, all the Chocobo prints sold out.

 I had some fun playing the Return of the Quack game in the car, but I kind of wish there was more to do. This was the first time I've been to the Scion Space and maybe the last.

Chip Tune artist Null Sleep was playing some tunes, other than that it was fairly dull show. There were some bad pachinko games to play, which just aren't that fun. The Famicom car was nice, but the show could have had some more going for it. Maybe they should have made a deal with the So Analog show.