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Thursday, November 18, 2010

chieri no doki*doki yukemuri burari tabi rocks

or Chieri’s Heart-Pounding, Steam-Swinging Adventure

So I found a xbox indie game that doesn't suck. This string shooter is Japan crazy 80's goodness. The simple story behind this is a young Japanese girl, Cheri was going to take a nice bath with her bunny and Daddy. (People take family baths in Japan, weird I know). Suddenly, her hot spring tub opens up taking her poor ol' Dad with her. So Cherie jumps in after with her magical scroll to save him.

The game play is called a string shooter because your bunny attaches to points as the level slowly falls. You fire backwards from these points attached by a string. It's never really explained whats going on, but thats the point. Enemies become fruit, monkeys come after you and then buns (the baked goods) shoot at you wildly.

It reminds me of R-Type or Gradius, or a shump shooter. The string placement makes it difficult,  but makes playing fill very different from anything else on xbox live arcade.

The graphics are colorfu and nostalgic of a earlier console. The game really just reminds me of something you might play in an arcade. Pick it up for 80 points online.