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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Analog Show: 10-DOH debuts

 So Nate Mitchell deiced over a year ago to make a vinyl figure that looked like an old school game cartridge, the results pretty sweet My favorite highlight of Designercon other than some great Peruvian food at Chozo Mama was the So Analog Show. The So Analog Show was on one side of the Squid Kids Inc booth. This was my favorite part of the expo.

 Nate Mitchell came up with both the Squidz seen above and around at different cons and festivals and the new 10-do figure. Don't hold your breath on getting one. Right now only 35 figures were made for D-con and unless a deal is struck you might not seem them anywhere, but here. Hopefully, they get picked up cause there great to look at it.

Different games were made fun of, chainsaws and magic staff were given to differing 10-dohs. I just wish they had even more artist contribute. It was fun to see the slight alterations from figure to figure.

 A-drive and b-side were also available.

Tracey Tubera showed off his piece in person.

Love the back.

Lastly my favorite piece by Andrew Wilson

Mr. Wilson ... oh wait that's funny. Nate Mitchell= Dennis Mitchell aka Dennis the Menace. Andrew Wilson = Mr. Wilson
I hope they have banter out of this. Anyway I love this piece, it's raccoon tail and "the cake is a lie sticker" cement my love of it.

Mr. Wilson's blog has some better views of Princess Peach on the front as well some gif images of his piece.