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Monday, November 29, 2010

Back Again, Little Tokyo/ Giant Robot Yard Sale

Hey Readers,

Your editor Jonathan Bilski here. Just to say I'm trying to get a better schedule for the blog. Monday or Tuesday will have me posting on a event or place a reporter or I attended. Wednesday is still the day I give my weekly things to do. Thursdays are for reviews. I'm trying to review more entertainment like video games, movies to rent and download, anime and comics. The weekend, as long as I find stuff, will be Obligatory Star Wars or Zombie Post.

 I headed back to Sawtelle and Little Tokyo this weekend. I went to the local Supermarkets and shops where Engrish shined through. Here's some that I found.

Dat Ass!

What kind of Private Time?

Anyway I went to the Giant Robot Yard Sale on Black Friday. Eric Nakumura owner of the stores and magazine was in attendance selling dvd's for two bucks, four cds for a dollar, shirts for two bucks and a bunch of other toys for hardly anything.  I got Legend of The Drunken Master on Blu-ray for two bucks. It was fun just looking a huge assortment of anime dvds and strange movie to find something you might really like. This year seemed to be a much nicer crowd. Some of this stuff can go for so much, but it cost virtually nothing this weekend. Look for deals this Cyber Monday, but they'll hardly be as good as the ones you'd find at the Giant Robot Yard Sale.

I'll have new stores I visted on Friday, till next time dear readers.