Friday, November 12, 2010

Titmouse seems pretty full of itself

 Titmouse is the animation company behind Metalocalypse, GI Joe: Resolute, Freaknik. There based in LA and have over 100 employees and seem pretty full of themselves.

After there recent book launch at Ghetto Gloss this summer. Titmouse seems to be launching a how great it is campaign. First at the CTN Animation Expo at the titled Small Studio Success in a Big Studio Town panel than at the Cinefamily Animation Festival. There co- sponsoring a event
How MTV Rocked The Animation World plus Titmouse Studio Live Panel! 

It fascinates me because titmouse's quality is cheap, fluid-less animation. It's very static .It must not take as long for titmouse than a better animation house because they don't have to animate as much. Many shows do this, usually adult humor shows that don't rely on animation and more on just being violent and stupid. I watch and love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but the animation quality is beyond simplistic.  Cartoon Brew recently showed how The Simpsons has become stiff, do to the switch over the years to flash based computer animation. Even thought that has happened and you can make characters move easier you can definitely see a difference in quality.

I'm not happy for the success because there success is a big thumbs up to cheap crappy animation. I'll give them credit for design work if they actually are behind the backgrounds and props and characters in  Metalocalypse, but I'm not sure they are. There handling the second season of Superjail! so I wonder what the difference will be from Augdenblick Studios fluid animation that is know used for Ugly Americans.

Really Giant Robot is behind the scenes more with events in LA, recently enough at the same venue theater The Cinefamily and separately at the Pixel Pushers art show. I just found it disturbing they were promoting themselves more maybe in hopes of getting even more work, but they seem to have their plate full to my chagrin.

I separately wonder how bad the next G.I. Joe cartoon will be.


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  2. Dude, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Titmouse rocks!

  3. What can you do, haters gonna hate.

    It would be remiss of you to judge titmouse souly on Metalocalpse.

  4. I'd also like to add:

    Titmouse has brought lost animation jobs back to the states. There is no outsourcing (not even the Dethklok backgrounds, which were done in house by some damn talented painters.)

    Metalocalypse, like most cartoon shows, has an insanely tight production schedule, and as one of the animators on the third season I'd say we really worked to step up the animation a few notches, and it showed, especially in music video sequences.

    I've been paid by 11 different companies out here in my short career and Titmouse by far has been the most enjoyable company I have had the pleasure of working at. It is insanely hard for a small company to remain steady and profitable anywhere these days, and I have never seen more loyalty from employees anywhere else. I think the above comments illustrate that.

  5. Such grossly misinformed information and opinions.. how embarrassing for you!