Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Review: It's Like They Made New Episodes Of The Cartoon


Drawing inspiration from the show, other video games and even the 90's movies, I was amazed Vanilla Ice didn't make a cameo in this totally awesome 2D beat-em up featuring the turtles. Tribute Games, poured a lifetime of love of into the game and it shows on every single section. And, shout-outs to Mecha Fetus art collective alums, Paul Roberston and Jonathan (Persona) Kim for making the game so radical. If, I'm missing anyone else from Mecha Fetus who worked on the game, please forgive, you're all great.
Praise and a lot more incoming. I don't even have a, if only they just did this or fixed this paragraph. It's a 10/10...if we had some sort of rating system like that on the site. We'll go through the basic story, gameplay and art, ending with the nods to everything that's come before it. 

Another false start here as I'm talking about being in Revenge Of a few weeks back and was playing the Sterns' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Machine. I was utterly impressed by the time put into the machine for fans. Leonardo's Katana hilt was the plunger, a magnetic swirling pizza created a crazy multi-ball scenario and they're were callbacks to the cartoon show all over the machine. Oh, and it was crazy fun to play.

Just like the time and effort Sterns put into that pinball machine, Tribute Games put into Shredder’s
Revenge. It's one of the most, if not best well done...well, tribute to the original arcade games from TMNT. Playing the new game is like watching multiple episodes of the classic cartoon or discovering a fully polished arcade game from the end of a console. Except, you get to beat up ninja robots yourself.

Without trying to ruin even a second of story it looks like Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady have a new plan to take over the Earth and only you and your teenage mutant brothers can stop them. But, wait, there's more. You can play as April, Splinter and Casey Jones. Casey, once you beat story mode. Oh, and you can play not up to two or four, but with six people! So, you can play with all the turtles and two more of the turtle allies. And knowing, Tribute and Dotemu they'll be DLC down the line. Here's hoping for Vanilla Ice. Maybe, Usagi Yojimbo.

Each turtle, rat & human plays differently. Each has their own moves and wonderful animations, some paying homage to other famous video games. You can just button mash you way through the game or you can really learn the move-sets which can get more complex, but with practice or multiple playthroughs would be a breeze.

Just looking at the screen while playing and it's amazing to see what your teenage turtle or reporter in a yellow jumpsuit can pull off, especially if they power-up. You'll earn super moves and more hit points and even a special "Radical" meter as you level each of them to level 10.

Praise, once again to just the look of this game, it looks so much like an arcade classics from the 90's,

but there's so many hints and nods to the original cartoon and just the designs themselves look great. I love the little head icons for the turtles and their friends.
That still isn't enough love given to how good this game looks and in a retro style many won't even consider now. I love this pixel art.

Then, there's the great music on the mini-map and each level. It makes you feel like your in an episode or ready for a real battle. And, of course a new rap. Because, the ninja turtles are all about rap.

Like an arcade game of past it won't take that long to beat...if you had infinite quarters, but story modes goes easier on you with lives, if you so choose. I see myself replaying with my friends and trying to get to six players in the near future. Cross-play was a lovely feature to add too. They wanted this played with your friends at home or online, making you remember the days of in real life arcade action.

I could go on and on hitting the likes and thumbs
up to this game, I'll end with just writing this. After re-watching some old episodes and remembering playing the arcade game with friends, Shredder’s Revenge captures the feel of the show unlike any game before. It draws from the old games and even the movies, it's self-aware,and takes it all in. I can only think of remakes coming close to that feeling of the original games, this is a totally righteous game to play with your friends if you've ever been a fan of the turtles. Or if you just like 2d beat-em ups this is the best new one they've made in years. A heartfelt thank you for those who made it. Great job!
Buy it with extra toppings! I love being a turtle!
Update 6/23
After trying to connect via cross-play to a specific friend using and Xbox and me on Steam, I can't say I was impressed. There are some flaws in the multiplayer. Cross-play is seemingly with strangers, not sure why the effort wasn't put in to play with someone specific. So you can get up to six people on screen, but unless there on the same device you're probably not going to see your friends. Bogus, dude. 
On the following:
Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S

P.S. Let's hope that the internet rumours can push Tribute Games making a new Simpsons game in the same vein.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes.