Monday, June 6, 2022

Movie/TV Hype: Strange World Looks Like An Update From Life On Mars, One Piece Looks Dead In The Water & The Sandman

Disney just posted a new teaser trailer for a sci-fi animated film called Strange World. In it, crazy weird creatures populate the landscape and it immediately reminded us of an early Disney featured short called Life on Mars. Life on Mars is an animated short that tries to guess what life is like on Mars and comes up with a lot of fun 1950's cartoon ideas.

Watch the trailer then check out the short and you can see how similar they look.

Strange World is out this November.

Looks like the One Piece live action team learned from Cowboy Bebop...absolutely nothing. See it for it's first season before it's cancelled too.

The screen grab for the first look reminds me of the horrifying documentary The Act of Killing.

Don't know why, but we're optimistic about The Sandman coming out this August to Netflix.