Monday, June 27, 2022

LAPD At It's Finest Beating Reporters At Abortion Rights Protests & Bored Apes Starve

Videos Show Cops Beating Journalists and Protesters at Abortion-Rights Rallies


LAPD treatment of journalists denounced, again, after abortion rights protest downtown 

The LA Times has a nice FU piece on the crypto market and Bored & Hungry, the Bored Ape based restaurant that no longer take crypt currency as payment.

 Inside the crypto restaurant after the crypto crash

"Nearly three months later, it was hard to find a patron who cared much one way or the other about the restaurant’s fidelity to the crypto cause.

“Yes, ethereum is a currency in a way where you can exchange [non-fungible tokens, or] NFTs and stuff … but as far as buying food and all that, maybe not,” one crypto-enthusiast diner, Marc Coloma, said as he munched on fries outside the restaurant. “People want to hold onto their ethereum. They’re not gonna want to use it.”

Michael Powers, 46, of Long Beach was less in the loop. He comes to Bored & Hungry a lot — as often as two or three times a week, he estimated — but although the ape-themed signage was what first drew him in, he didn’t know the spot was NFT-themed until his sons explained it to him."

Oh and our favorite:

"Another local, Nick Jackson, 29, said he’s more into collecting Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards — but added that previous visits to Bored & Hungry prompted him to start researching ethereum and apecoin too."