Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Movie & Show Predictions: Illumination's Super Mario & Doctor Who

The other night the TTDILA team was discussing scenarios for upcoming movies and TV. Here's our most likely guesses with the casting of the Mario movie and Christ Pratt's recent comments about Mario's voice not being Italian American or just from Brooklyn. 

Super Mario Movie 2023
The film will start off in Live Action. Christ Pratt is losing his kids in his divorce with his wife played by Anya Taylor-Joy. His quirky brother, played by Charlie Day, tries to help him out how he can. His boss, played by Jack Black, is a real jerk and his rival, played by Seth Rogen, is dating his soon to be ex-wife. The only thing consoling him at night from his marketing job is playing older Nintendo games.

His kids love Nintendo and on the last night of having his kids, they get sucked into their Switch, while playing Mario Kart. Charlie and Pratt go in after them. They see different Nintendo game worlds, maybe travel through them for a second. See ya later, Kirby. Too close with the sword, Link.

Then end up in the Mushroom Kingdom and after looking in a pond or a reflective green pipe realize they're now Mario and Luigi. Now they have to rescue Pratt's kids.

A long the way they'll fight encounter the live action counter-parts. So, Seth Rogen is Donkey Kong.

Twist, the main bad guy isn't Bowser/King Koopa played by Jack Black, it's his soon to be ex-wife, whose now Princess Peach!

Is this a stupid, stupid idea for the film. Yes. But, that's kind of the point. Older fans have a zero confidence in this film. The biggest reason is they haven't had even any official art of what it will look like.

On a slim positive the directors are known doing Teen Titans Go! for years now. The Titans animated movie wasn't bad, but Illumination Entertainment is not the same company they made it with. 

Here's to a totally plausible version we've come up with.

Doctor Who 2023

Episode Scenario:

Klansman are yelling, screaming redirect of how superior they are. We hear a man pleading to not be murdered. Camera slowly goes through white-hooded crowd and finds him and he turns out to be a blond-haired, blue-eyed, white man slightly beaten up. The Klan takes off their masks and reveals their aliens. Cue, Doctor Who Theme.