Monday, June 13, 2022

Funko Now Owns Mondo

Not the happiest to hear about Mondo being sold to Funko. It reminds me of the epic fail of Game Stop acquiring Think Geek and now that brand is dead and forgotten.
Mondo, which use to be part of Alamo Drafthouse is now part of Funko as revealed in an email statement from both Alamo and Mondo itself. The statement says it won't really change the company, but that's hard to understand by no longer being attached to the fun dine-in theaters chain it started as a part of.

Known for it's amazing posters and collectibles it's a bitter pill to swallow that it will now be part of the same company that makes Funko Pop's for every show/movie and all media to ever exist.

I was just reminded this week of how many Mondo products I have from a recent wrapping paper I used on a birthday present that was a puzzle made by Mondo to a Jaws shirt I was wearing to the latest Jurassic Park film.

It's all speculation, but one wonders if they'll be able to keep the quality and artists that make so much of Mondo so, damn good. Or even they're love of film. The statements do staff all staff are retaining their jobs.

Here's hoping they woah us with something soon to calm us down.