Saturday, June 29, 2019

Anime Expo 2019 Field Trip with Your Dad

Hey Kids,

I'm AX Dad, I'll be your guide to AX this year and make sure your having a good time. I"ll be making sure your safe around AX, so go ahead and look for me at AX if you need adult or someone to just listen. I'll be with my fellow fathers to make sure you're okay.

I've been having my son look into what to check out for AX and writing it up for me as I'm not so good with computers. Here's what I've spotted while looking at the schedule my son printed out for me.

Which magical fireman movies are you ablaze for? TRIGGER's Promare Premiere & Panel or the  Funimation Presents Fire Force World Premiere with Creator Atsushi Ohkubo?
These look hot kids, real hot. Cool, wouldn't be the correct term, would it, because they're so hot.

Now I'll have other updates, but for now here some tips.

Eat your packed lunch, because the food nearby is all overpriced and Dads and Moms like me made you a healthy and nutritious lunch. L.A. Live food is both overpriced and taste like shoes and not good shoes, shoes that have been in doo-doo water.

Here's places to eat my son posted on before that are affordable and actually have taste.

Now, don't fret, but there will be lines.

Like, what was written on your parent's permission slips bring snacks, bring your Switch, 3DS and even your Vita as you will be in a line at some point. 

As scary as it is, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS. If they're in the same line as you. then the must like the same stuff. Or at least also need to pee.

It's not so crazy to  think about bringing portable board and card games.

Don't wait, just buy parking if you're okay waling. It's gonna cost $25 or more to park there and they don't even give you a free drink.

The people working there made bad decisions kids, so don't fight with them on price, they don't have control over it they barely have control over there on lives.

There are a number of services online like ParkWhiz and Parking Panda to buy your spot ahead of time. There's going to be a lot of wait time searching for a place to park, especially if you're gonna look for a cheaper price. Avoid the hassle and just know where you need to go.

Don't forget the app.

I can't deny it's useful ,it's an app with all the info about AX in the palm of your hand. No idea if it'll stay updated with all the latest on schedule changes, but let's hope it can. I won't be able to figure it out, but you kids will.

Oh and don't forget to bathe. You guys can stink something fierce.

* AX Dad's son here
It's not complicated. If you do stink, people should be allowed to be make fun of you because you've made a decision as a person not try while surrounded by others. Basically, your as bad as a smoker. And in this city, that makes you garbage...which you kind of smell like if you don't bath and use deodorant.

Don't think your phone battery won't die, it will. it will.

 Yeah, you've go to remember this is a full day for most people and that means you"ll be in line, trying to contact friends, looking on social media about AX and a number of other battery draining situations. It's gonna drain your phone. So partition it out, turn it off if your not using it or set aside time to charge it if you're planning to be there all day. Because you can't call someone to pick you up or meet up if your phone's dead.

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