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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Bell: Taco Bell Hotel Pop-Up In Palm Springs Details

Yes, yes, munch, munch, look up from your burrito, kind sir or madame, if you haven't heard, Taco Bell we'll have a pop-up hotel in Palm Springs this August. It has been dubbed The Bell: Taco Bell Hotel & Resort. We just got more details and info when you can reserve your room this June. And we suggest you get tickets as early as possible because many people will want to say they stayed and
"Netflix and chilled" at it.

Bro, I ate the sickest special edition quesadilla and made out with the hottest chick after. I mean her mouth was filled with hot burned.

So, right into it. You can reserve rooms on Thursday, June 27 starting at10 AM PT / 1 PM ET  here. It's only gonna be for five days, Aug 8-12, so you don't have much time to grab a night. It'll be at 333 E. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California and starts at $169 a night. And there's only 70 rooms available. 18+

You're getting two really great experiences by going
1. a Taco Bell-themed hotel and 2. special Taco Bell eats.

The overall theme of the hotel breaks down into not only a stylish and silly look based on Taco Bell, great for posting pics. There's performances by live music acts, dive-in movies, which means poolside and a “Freeze Lounge,” inspired by, get this product placement synergy, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which will offer ice cold drink in a "chill" lounge, which better mean it's made of ice, but will probably just be air conditioned.

Yum, yum with your fun as there's suppose to be a special take on your breakfast in bed and pretty much everything else. There's gonna be special pool side taco bell cuisine. And apparently more details on the eats will go up in July. 

So, try and grab a room so you can say you drove out to Palm Springs to go to the Taco Bell hotel, people will have questions. We'll have questions. Your family we'll have questions. I mean the jokes about needing to go to the bathroom.