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Friday, June 28, 2019

Nickelodeon's Utterly Weird Handling of The Casagrandes

We love animation over here at TTDILA. Amphibia, you're doing great. What's not doing great in animation is the utterly weird handling of The Loud House spin-off The Casagrandes. For some strange reason The Loud House theme song plays in full and then an episode with The Casagrandes will play on Nick. I can't recall any other show or cartoon doing this this before. Because it's stupid.

*The Loud House is the story of one boy who has ten sisters. The spin-off is about a multi-generational Mexican family.

Technically, the show hasn't premiered. So, these full episodes about a completely separate family are Loud House episodes? Weird. Also, that doesn't make sense.

An example of how this could be replicated is let's say Amphibia, which comes from some of the people who worked on Gravity Falls had the Gravity Falls theme play before that show. I mean, I guess you could argue for Casagrandes being a spin-off and being a little more connected than a spiritual successor or familiar joke show, but this is pathetic on it not being allowed to be its own show.

I can only guess that The Casagrandes is seen to be so weak by Nick execs that they kids need to be reminded it came from The Loud House every time it airs. Once again, I've never seen a show's theme song play for another show, except that horrible spin-off attempt for Stranger Things last season. Which, is dead now, because everyone hated them wasting our time.

Nickelodeon, you have become one of the most scared networks in some time. Instead of showing the Rocko and Invader Zim specials on your own networks/streaming service you sold it to Netflix as you thought viewing numbers would be so bad on your own stuff.

Now your too afraid to show a spin-off cartoon? Nick, your one scared network.