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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

No, Row DTLA Still Sucks

The LA Times has an awful puff piece on The Row, the downtown destination we've come to consider the most boring place downtown. Other than being the destination for Smorgasburg on Sundays with ample parking, this outside mall has hardly any stores to keep anyone interested. I still recall a trio of young women walking past me and one shouting to the others, "What the F is there to do here?!," as I myself pondered that same question.

The new LA Times article: Four Hours: Shop, dine, chill, repeat at Row DTLA must either be paid content or just-need-to-write-something-in-crunch writing. Row DTLA still sucks even with its few additions. It's still mostly overpriced shops. I'm still amazed the title has four hours in it, you"ll be done within a few minutes there.

But person writing this article why is it so boring? Simple, there's just nothing there to keep your interest past a few minutes. Too few stores and food. And the coffee shops have weird hours many close at 5pm on weekdays? Isn't that when everyone gets off of work?