Monday, June 17, 2019

Media Hype: No More Heroes, Deep Murder, Always Amazing & The Banana Splits

Oh, f%$ing finally!!! No More Heroes III was announced and it's out next year on the Switch. I'm sure we'll get more details, but can't wait to dual wield some beam swords with some joy-cons. No, we didn't actually see that, but let's hope.
-Cadence of Hyrule has come out on Switch. This rhythm game has you in Hyrule, but the game borrows heavily from Crypt of the NecroDancer. It's great to look at it's pixelated style. If you're as bad as some of us at the game you can turn off having to match the beat and just switch it to every step you make the monsters take a step too. Trust us, it's a lot easier. And it even has local 2-player.
Oh, and here's the Cadence of Hyrule (Original Game Soundtrack) on SoundCloud, we hope you can purchase it somewhere someday.

Let's head to movies news.

Deep Murder is a horror comedy where a soft-core porno gets a serial killer. What's great is the film stays a soft-core porno throughout the killing spree. Made up of ensemble cast of comedians you might now from other things, became a hilarious send-up to anyone who has seen something on late night movie channels. An impeding storm with the most sunny of skies, two high school friends who look like there in their 30's, playing with N64 controllers by just tilting them when a murder occurs is only the start of constant jokes making fun of how dumb soft-core can be. Oh, and the song I Want To F Your Blood needs to available on Bandcamp. We're sorry we missed it at LA Film Fest last year.

Oh, yeah that Amazing Johnathan Documentary we told you to watch in August, well another one just came out two months ahead. It's about a comedian magician who does ultra violent tricks and was diagnosed to die three years ago, but he's still alive. And it's free to watch on YouTube. Check out ALWAYS AMAZING: The True Story of the Life, Death, and Return of Amazing Johnathan. And then check out the other doc in August, because apparently that other doc got in trouble with Johnathan, so he was cool to film for this doc.
Five Night's at Freddy's is in the works to be a movie, but The Banana Splits is straight up stealing the idea. A little tweak is that the animal host a kids TV show, but it looks almost like the same concept. It looks like a SyFy channel movie, because it is one.  That means it looks cheap and silly, but maybe still fun to watch with friends. Out some time this Summer.