Friday, June 28, 2019

LA Links: Wizards, Adult Swim Festival, Bad Bus Riding

-Weird new escape game called Forgotten Chains to try at Two Bit Circus. You're a wizard and your chained to a table. Now escape by solving puzzles!

-Adult Swim Festival is coming back to LA this November. You can buy tickets now for $49, plus probably hidden fees. I think you get to see new Rick and Morty epsiodes before anyone else if you go.

-Taco Bell Hotel in Palm Springs booked in 2 minutes. So, if you wanted that taco bed feeling, it's gone. via CNBC

-New exhibit at MAF, Obsidian Ladder open now.

"Donna Huanca’s OBSIDIAN LADDER triggers the senses through painting, sculpture, sound, scent, and performance. This new topography, which is strikingly different from the rest of the building, transports visitors to another world—a femme realm of reconciliation, creation and trust."

-LA isn't doing well getting people to ride the bus, because Metro kind of sucks.