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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Willows Won't You Visit Us Again?

By Jonathan Bilski

What a wonderfully weird weekend, thanks to The Willows. From the fine folks over at Just Fix It Productions, known for creeping us all out at their yearly Creep LA comes their version of the awkward dinner party. And it's above all the rest with creepiness.

Being fans of the original experience, TTDILA was invited back to this experience now slightly changed and moved around. For a quick explanation, you're paying to be part of a dinner party that's something you would see as a horror movie. There's a build up and the night gets stranger as it goes on. Just as reviewed last time. It's The Willows themselves that steal the show...and possibly you. They have their foibles, don't we all? Yet, not at the level they're at or you'd be in an institution or jail.

These ... family members are your guides for the nights festivities. You've been welcomed in as one of The Willows has past on. Jonathan is dead and The Willows are their to mourn and celebrate him and so are you.

On a street of no real intrigue you'll find a mansion and be welcomed in. Like any awkward dinner party you and other guests will meet up and schmooze with each other and The Willows. It's at the point you'll get a hint of something not being right. This time around, Conrad, the youngest, really sort of became my guide and ... er "friend." This young man has artistic talent and at the same time very little social grace around others.

You might not to get to chat too long as dinner will be served and you"ll sit down with the family.
* This is a small dinner, not a big meal.
There's nothing quite like it, you're mixed with real guests and The Willows, so your conversations might go quite askew. Conrad, creeped me out.

After dinner your path varies depending what member of the family becomes your chaperone. You're led around the mansion and hear different stories from different points of views. TTDILA two team members were separated and only managed to come back together in the most awkward of positions. I'll just say I was underneath furniture looking up at what might have been an intimate moment with one of our team with one of The Willows. Or maybe, not so intimate, I had to hold in my laughter as I was suddenly in a 80's college movie.

The new visit was a little different, they've streamlined the affair as it use to be 2 hour thirty, now just two. You use to get taken in a van and be driven to the mansion blindfolded, but for whatever reason that's over and a few scenes wrap up quicker, which is good, because some felt like they dragged on.

As like last time, it's still highly recommend as there's nothing like The Willows. It's not a haunted house or a live play. It's you at the most awkward dinner party you've ever been at. You're in a horror movie and you"ll want to get to know your hosts and will they want to get to know you.

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