Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Looking Forward To: Downwell, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, Jojo Rabbit & Too Old to Die Young

 Trying a new section out here on just what grabs us for upcoming movies, games or what not.

$2.99 on Switch
Steam Lunar Sale $1.01

Downwell has already come out on Steam and other systems and know it's finally out on Switch. Which shouldn't be a surprise as it's creator now works at Nintendo. Essentially, the game was made by one Japanese dude, but there's music and what not so three others get credit too.

The game is simply you falling down a well. Oh, and everything is trying to kill you, you have gun boots to shoot said things and it changes each time you play, randomly generating the levels.And it's a long way down.

Why the Switch version is so liked by us, it was already mobile, is the Tate Mode. This mode let's you turn the Switch vertically and use the screen fully to keep going down the well.

This one past us by a day or two,  it's out now.
Justice League vs. The Fatal Five
No release date, IMDB says August
Update: On Digital starting March 30, 2019 and 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray on April 16, 2019

Now we saw an annoying making of trailer, but now we have a real trailer for this DC animated straight-to-video feature. And it looks great, because it's just a continuation of Justice League Unlimited. We're getting the same look of the show, with the same voice actors, though we think Mr. Terrific voice was recast. We get newcomers to the JLU like Miss Martian and that new Green Lantern girl.

The trailer makes it look like a long episode of the series. Which many people were sad to see end, maybe too early.

We're happy about the villains too, The Fatal Five our recurring villains of the Legion of Superheroes and though the Legion usually have an insane number of members, it only took five villains to mess their whole future up. Give us more Mano!-He's one of the Fatal Five.

There's some dings on the road to this one. First off, no real date, which makes us hate when a trailer says coming soon. Coming soon is not months WB marketing.
*Update, it's actually coming out at the end of March, that's not very soon, but better than 6 months.

Bruce Timm is producing, but not directing. Sam Liu is and he kind of sucks, we've said that about most of the film he's directed for WB animation over the years.

Hopefully, Bruce Timm held Sam's hand through this one as the trailer doesn't even mention him, but smears Timm's name for recognition.

JoJo Rabbit
Fall 2019

No, this isn't a reference to the JoJo anime. This will be the latest film for Taika Waititi, maker of Thor 3 and What We Do In Shadows. It sounds bonkers. It's set during World Ward II and Taika plays Hitler or more really an imaginary version thought up from a little German boy. From what we've read this version of Hitler is like a comical hi-jinx buddy...that is until the little boy starts learning more about the real Hitler. Taika is also directing.

Too Old to Die Young
Sometime in 2019

Nicolas Winding Refn you are one of our favorite directors and you don't know anything about LA. This new10-episode season, with episodes 90-min each, sounds amazing. This is the same director who did Drive and Neon Demon. Drive was like seeing LA if it was New York. Neon Demon was another over-the-top swipe at LA. This man makes the city shine, through a lot of blood.

Now, (excited) now Nicolas has an entire show of LA based adventures filled with Yakuza ( which is not a thing here, so swords) and a huge crime underbelly, which is real here, but is mostly about drugs and human trafficking. I'm sure he'll put in the Italian Mafia or something, because he likes that stuff. But, they aren't here either.

Oh and comic book writer Ed Brubaker co-wrote the series, so it might have some more logic too it.