Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bullet Train Going Nowhere

You'll probably be seeing some stories going over our proposed bullet train here in California after our new Governor, Newsom, gave a speech saying his support for it has dwindled. Plans for LA to San Fran are dead, but other smaller cities may still get connected. He didn't exactly say it's over for them, but he kind of left it in a purgatory state of "what's gonna happen?"

The LA Times has a pretty derailing take on it with lines like"

“Somebody at high-speed rail drew a line for a route on Google Earth and had no idea of what was on the ground or how they are affecting it,” Michael Dias, a Hanford lawyer who defends farmers and is a grape and nut grower, told The Times last year.

LA Times' artcile goes over how much time and money has been put into the project of having a bullet train built in California and how little results we've had getting anything done and that lies mainly on the shoulders of the High Speed Rail Authority. And we're talking billions of dollars.

I was prepping a story on how the bullet train plan was going actually, trying to go over bits so it could be easily be explained. But I have to say there's a lot of redirect. I did make contact with High Speed Rail and the were open to explaining it to me in greater detail, but it seemed like it wouldn't have really gone anywhere with the info sent back.

My question on why we don't just ask Japan's Bullet train companies for help or ask them to build it with their stellar track record of no accidents since they've been running was met with some boring non-answer.

So, if you want to try a bullet train visit Japan or some other country. America can't get this one done.