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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel Review Nice Cans And Not Much Else

By Jonathan Bilski

With multiple friends, with multiple games we drank the new almost neon colored beverages of
Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel and must proclaim: Just...just get regular Mountain Dew. Now, this new product with marketing out of the 90's for some sick, x-treme kids wasn't the reason that made us want to test it. No, it was a lovely article on Destuctoid on how bad it was. We had to see it for ourselves. Or, really I did as the rest of the staff was afraid of it. And after a purchase online from Walmart, as you can only buy this sh*t online on Amazon and them, I got it and boy is it mild.

What you're really paying for is the stupid and silly can design. These new "gamer" cans are supposedly designed by gamers for gamers. They are just a treat in themselves. The spectacle. The cans are just instantly on your radar or the box the come in as it's as colorful as the liquid it contains.

Here check out the web-site trying to sell them. They have tactile grip from a special ink and have the technology of being resealable. I guess, that's technology or a cap could exist for a bottle version.

On the tactile grip. You can feel it, but it's also only on a part of the can, so only a sliver of the can has some grip too it.

For a gamer a resealable can is a good idea. But, the design gives you a 50% to 70% chance of the drink spraying on your hands as you open in it. The design of the pulling a tab on the can to first open it might instantly make your hands sticky, a general no-no when gaming.

Other than that the cans have "tutorials" instructions on how to open and close the can both on the side and etched into the top of the can.

If you're wondering what about taste. Well, it' so mediocre it's not worth reviewing, any similar soda to these would probably taste better. If asked more, I'd say they all kind of taste like a diet version of name brand soda and just not as carbonated.

Yes, you will burp and fart. Drinking one can causes immediate flatulence and a ringing of the pipes.

No sleep for the game fueled. These will keep you awake, playing late into the night if you have two. Three might mess with you sleeping.

So the verdict here is: Unless you're having a get together with a big group of friends to play some games, wait until you can buy cans individually. There's no point in having 12 cans laying around in your fridge.