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Monday, February 11, 2019

Fear The Reaper, Pizza That Is

By Jonathan Bilski

Rose City Pizza has the Reaper, to be exact, they have the Flamin’ Reaper Pizza.
This ultra spicy pizza is Hell with hot Cheetos on it. Made with Carolina Reaper chilis, cherry peppers, pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, you're are in for an evening. You have to sign some paperwork to eat this pizza and are given the option of wearing gloves. And, if you can eat one slice of your order you will earn a pin stating, "I Survived the Flamin’ Reaper", perfect for opening conversations. * While supplies last.

A friend tried out this "tasty" pie out on our first trip to the place this weekend for National Pizza Day and he didn't seem to cry, but it did seem to clear his sinuses out. I haven't heard from him since, now that I think about it...Oh, jeez...wait, okay he texted me. We were both worried he'd maybe not like it on the way out. We did have to get ice cream as soon as we exited Rose City Pizza, luckily it's right near some.

You wouldn't notice Rose City Pizza from the parking lot. It looks like your average pizza parlor from the outside surrounded by other places to eat, but they have an extensive menu to try that's not you're average pizza fair. Add that have different IPA's on tap and you have a restaurant worthy of checking out.

My friend, Eric, a contributor to the site, had the hot stuff, while I, myself tried "The Elote", based on the corn you my pick up from street vendors around LA. It was muy delicioso! I scarfed it down making a mess. The little bit of chili powder added a nice kick to each slice. I absorbed it at an alarming rate. Across from me a man was hurting himself as he ate another slice of the Reaper. He did hurn his badge and some Pepto Bismol.

Their menu has many special pizzas including the Space Cowboy- a type of BBQ pizza and the
Manila Sunrise-based on a Filipino breakfast. You don't just have to try the hottest of hot. THough kids there really loved pizza with the Cheetos topping. Go figure.

They have some pure total trash items like the Pizza Fries, which look good if you don't have human dignity or are a child of ten. It's a bowel filled with fries, cheese and pepperonis. It looks like it was thrown away after a child's birthday.

If ever nearby, it's a must to come back too. Other pizza places need to spice up their menu to keep up with this place.

Oh, and the art show we mentioned last week was going on, here's a piece from Jango Snow