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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Modelland in Santa Monica: Why The Rest of The Country & World Hate Us

We aren't Dubai, right? We don't get plans for theme parks and then not create them, because people realize they're horrible ideas. Modelland is one of those ideas and it comes from model Tyra Banks.

A super model themed park is set to open later this year at Santa Monica Place from her mind and book series?. Details remain some-what sketchy as it sounds like more of a pop-up than a theme park as there isn't enough room for what many of us would call a theme park there.

This news comes from FOX 11 that has a few more details, but not even concept photos.

Does it sound like a shallow and vain idea that would do better as an Instagram pop-up, yup. Here's hoping for some wacky stories on its development in the coming year.