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Friday, January 12, 2018

Trejo's Cantina Woodland Hills Review: You Can Find Better Mexican Food Elsewhere

Look, we really wanted to fall in love with a new Mexican restaurant in the valley, but nothing quite makes Trejo's Cantina Woodland Hills that special. Coming off the brand of that old guy you've seen in dozens of films and Breaking Bad is a mediocre place to grab a burrito.

We've gone in and the place looks nice, the service was fine, but the food wasn't anything that grand. We've tried their Steak Asada and Fried Chicken Burrito and looked over the menu for anything special. Nothing is that special.

From two different tastings we tried two big burritos and they lacked a distinctive taste to write about. Nothing made them stand out and we can think of dozens of Mom and Pop places or even a Poquito Mas having a more distinct flavor.

We've yet to come early enough to try their distinct donut menu, which is a bit pricey, but has some new flavors. One being a nacho donut with some jalapeno kick.

Other than what might be a fun donut tasting, we can't say sitting down there is worth the trip for lunch.

Sure, they have a vegan menu, but what place doesn't in LA.

Trejo's Cantina Woodland Hills
21550 Oxnard St #125
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Paid lot, they do vaildate
• 7AM - 10PM •
• 11AM - 10PM •