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Monday, January 15, 2018

The Blizzard Arena: What The Hell Is It?

We've mentioned it a few times before, but now with a multi-million dollar esport being played in it, it made the news rounds. The Overwatch League is holding its games there. That's right, a dedicated arena to watch people play video games in Burbank is big news.

The Overwatch League, which has this adorable logo of Tracer, just started. The league is for the game Overwatch. The game itself is an online shooter where your team up with friends to kill another team and everyone has special powers and abilities. Tracer, who is on the logo, has the special power to warp around her enemies for some super quick attacks, as example of super powers you'll find in the game. Overwatch has a lot of fans. Since the people who make the game, Blizzard, own the arena a league worth millions with a grand prize of millions is now in play and the main attraction for the brand new gaming arena.

The arena itself is located in Burbank and is extremely high tech as not only are their 450 seats for live viewers, but they have to stream the games live on the Internet and over the world. It has the amenities of a regular sports arena, but we need to head there ourselves to see if you can grab a hot dog and a beer, this being LA, maybe kombucha and a vegan dog. We're just fairly sure, they won't have any cool eats based on the characters like Japan, sigh.

Kotaku and the LA Times with a number of other outlets ran stories about its inner workings and gift shop. Here's a few of the best ones.

-Burbank’s Blizzard Arena aims to take esports to the next level
-My Hunt For The Mysterious Man Or Machine Controlling The Blizzard Arena's Light-Up Halo
*I like this one, because it really just goes through the ins and outs of the hole place with some great behind the scenes stuff
-All The Items For Sale At The Overwatch League Gift Shop, Ranked

It's not that bad to attend price wise. Right now, it costs $21.99 for a seat. You can get tickets from the official site here. Though, they aren't really easy to find even with a quick Google search. Have a quick link to tickets on the site somewhere, Blizzard.

LA has two teams to root for, the Los Angeles Valiant and Gladiators. They don't just compete with US teams, you got teams from Korea and China. Twelve in all.

You might be there for a while as two teams battle each other for two hours then another team goes. They do this thrice so, six hours of esports.

The weekends are noticeably sold out.

We'll try and catch a match in the future to see if it's worth seeing live and yelling at gamers in person. "You don't know how to use an f&ing mouse and keyboard do you! You might is well stick it up your @r$!"