Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bicylists Aware City Hates Them & LA Is A Bad Place To Ride A Bike

26 people died last year in LA County while riding bikes. A lower number than usual for previous years, but as Curbed LA found out, it could easily rise.

Their story on cyclist deaths and the infrastructure for safe rides shows that the people who bike ride in this city know the city doesn't care for them.
“The problem is that, after LA’s big bike boom a couple of years ago, a lot of people got onto their bikes and into the streets and started mixing with cars, and they quickly found out how uncomfortable it can be,” he says. “They might have tried it for a couple of years, but ended up saying it’s not worth it.”

-Ted Rogers, editor of Biking in LA

and here's another great quote

  “Part of the problem is that we have a real disjointed system,” says Zachary Rynew, of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. “We have bike lanes added piecemeal, but they aren’t forming a network that can safely get people to where they need to go.”

As is, LA isn't a welcoming city for cyclists.