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Friday, January 19, 2018

For The Weekend: Wheelchair Assassins Fight Aliens, Cats & Cupheads

A new routine going over what were into at TTDILA and where to get it. Essentially a list of what we like that recently came out or we just found.
Cuphead - Original Soundtrack-$10, free to stream
Great soundtrack for a great game with a big band sound

Aliens: Dead Orbit-$1.99 a pop
Great, self-contained with story  & art by James Stokoe. Only 4 issues at $1.99 a pop

The Cat Returns-$17.19
A Studio Ghibli movie you've never heard of.

Kills on Wheels-$4.99 to rent, more to own 
Why do we even get press releases from Kino Lorber? We thought this would hit theaters, but it went straight to home video, which is a shame. Why? Assassins with disabilities trope taken from martial-arts movies, but made now and from Hungary. We're salivating at the violence and dark comedy aspects all while seeing the best damn killers with disabilities.

Dang, hire a graphic design artist for some cooler covers and posters, Kino Lorber!