Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Game Of Thrones Special Season 7 Event

By Jonathan Bilski

With the release of GOT Season 7 on Blu-ray and DVD, HBO Home Entertainment had special screenings around the country of Game of Thrones' fourth episode of the seventh season ("Spoils of War") and a somewhat strange animatic called Conquest and Rebellion, that explained the history of Westeros, like the bible almost.

Fans who had bought the DVD/Blu-ray got to go to the free screenings, LA had its screening this last weekend in the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live. Fans were not only treated to the screening, but photo booths, props to ogle at and popcorn with a free drink.

One of the best parts for the screening we attended was that someone brought there little doggy to sit on the thrones of GOT.
Seeing dragons burn to people to death on the big screen was quite a nice treat. The Conquest and Rebellion "animated" film that preceded was a little bit more hard to watch as it wasn't really animated and more of an animatic or storyboard animation on the past of Game of Thrones.
 Fans still brimmed with joy getting to watch GOT in theaters. There was cosplay, merriment and a cute dog, the true king!