Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Why You Can't Get Japanese Kit Kats In LA Anymore

If you've visited Little Tokyo wanting a fix of Green Tea Kit Kats recently, you might have come home empty-handed. You can search any of the Asian markets in the LA area, but we doubt you'll find any of the strange and fun new flavors Japan gets for Kit Kat.

Why? Why are we denied the delicious taste of cheese, strawberry, apple or pear in or Kit Kats? Simple, Nestle said, "No." We asked at a few various Little Tokyo markets who have been missing our favorite fun snacks to show off to friends or the office, "Where are the Kit Kats?" Simply put, Nestle of America told them to stop selling them.

For some unknown reason, Nestle doesn't like us sampling Kit Kats from our friends in Japan. It's the same company there too. We can't figure out why it would be that bad for Nestle over here. Just like everything else imported it's up to a health code and you can still import them online anyway.

So, you won't be able to get Japanese Kit Kats in LA unless you order them online.