Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Use Of Lasers in Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a dumb, dumb movie. I'm not getting into the plot or characters, but I'll simply explain that in this world a serial killer builds intricate traps to kill people. Now, all the traps in the film are some-what plausible for someone who has a background being an engineer and a mechanic with time and money.

Until you get to the lasers.

For one of the many odd choices in the film there are lasers used in a trap. F&ckin lasers?!!

Now, the movie does actually set up lasers being available in a coroner's office to remove a metal collar from a victim. The problem with that is, there's no such thing as a portable laser that powerful. Also, it took just a few seconds to cut through a metal collar, it would have taken much longer with any sort of laser scalpel, if it all, as they're used for cutting skin.

When I first saw the trailer for Jigsaw I had to ponder about the use of the laser collar that was about to kill someone. First, I laughed, because lasers like that don't exist in reality at all and it told me how stupid the franchise had gotten.

But then I thought, what laser technology do we have. Lasers do exist, but for consumers we're getting stuff that can only damage  eyes and pop balloons from a distance, not kill anyone or slice off heads.

I really tried to think about it and just went through my memory and Wikipedia of military grade lasers that we only see videos of online. We sure have some powerful stuff in the works, but it would just basically vaporize someone. Any of lasers in the works would be way to big to adorn a collar and shoot upward slowly turning in on itself. Also, how would the killer in this movie get military grade lasers?

a real laser scalpel
The only thing close to what is depicted in the movie is a laser scalpel. Laser scalpels have been around since 1964 and are used for all types of surgeries. They look absolutely nothing like the lasers scalpels, if that's what they are even called, depicted in the movie.

Lasers scalpels in real life, just like X-Ray machines have a ton of precautions and safety procedures before use. They also don't really have an aesthetic as nice as the ones in the movie. Another major difference is that they're wired. There connected to a big machine that can generate the energy needed to be used. In the film, laser scalpels are like flashlights, they can easily be used without a tether.

That's another fun point, the laser collar must use an insane amount of energy even to be operated for a few seconds. Powerful lasers used to cut through any materials draw huge amounts of power. The killer in the film must have an insane amount of energy wired up to allow the multi-scalpel laser collar to work.

Building a laser, now this would be a feat, because were talking about using up to 8 laser scalpel machines in the multi-scalpel laser collar. In the film, it looks totally custom made. So,they just attached 8 of the same laser scalpels to go on and work at the same time. In real life that would require all the machine or their power source to all be on at the same time or multiple machines. It would just be so impractical and would require a team to build.

Maybe it would have been more believable and looked better with the illegal lasers you can buy online all being duct-taped together or rigged together for a slower burning death.You'd probably die of being set on fire before the lasers cut through you, but it would have made so much more sense than sci-fi lasers.

The other main question is who did the wardrobe for Hannah Emily Anderson in the film, because she straight up looks like a hooker in the film with a Cheetah spot jacket she wore to a murderer's den. She changed her clothes and knew she was going to a murderer's den.

Jigsaw is not worth your time, but your frustration.