Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gaming Hype: Omega Labyrinth Z & Gal*Gun 2 Announced

Omega Labyrinth Z was just announced for release in North America in 2018. It's a dungeon crawler RPG about girls on a quest to obtain a magical item that controls breast size. Japan, never change. You're gonna have to wait for it though as it's due out to the PS4 and PSVita in Spring 2018.

Not only are we getting this boob dungeon crawler, we're also getting Gal*Gun 2 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2018. If you fell in love with the panty hunting shooter, you're gonna love this new game with new girls and a new gun. This time you have some sort of a massive suck gun, Demon Sweeper, that let's you get more than an eyeful of up-skirts. There's a brand new cast of ladies to have fall in love with you too.