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Monday, November 27, 2017

Idle Hour: Eat Out Of A Barrel...Restaurant

Bordering Burbank and filled with beer is Idle Hour. A spot to have nice drink with friends, a date or whomever. You might miss it, if passing by on Vineland. But, if you take a look, you might say out loud, "Is that a barrel?" Yes it is, housing the front of Idle Hour is a giant barrel. This wonderful, eye-catching look is only just the start, as the restaurant holds an open back area and another secret. A dog you can eat in.

Idle Hour
4824 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601
Mon-Sat 3pm-2am
Sun 11am-2am 

We visited Idle Hour over the weekend to finally walk in to the famed spot and see what's behind the barrel. A lovely patio area. That's what behind it. And an area you can relax in and grab some drinks.

Don't worry if it's cold out, they have a fireplace and heats lamps. Just in time for the cold season you can chill, while not actually being chilled.

Another feature you might shout out to is the dog smoking a pipe in the back. Not a real dog mind you. Were against dogs smoking at TTDILA. What they do have is a replica of the Bulldog Cafe sitting out in the back. It seats up to fifteen people for private events and darn if it ain't cute.

Back inside is where you'll order your drinks and food. There's a huge selection of drinks here, so it's up to you on what you'll have. They have their own signature cocktails to try too.

When it comes to food, think Americana. It's burgers and BBQ. While on our trip we tried the Carolina pulled-pork sandwich and the Idle sloppy-Joe, both of which are quite mediocre. This place, sadly, won't be remembered for food, but for it's looks and drink menu.

Back inside the barrel section you'll find seating and adistinctive look. That's what will draw you to stay. This is a place we saw many friends and dates having conversations and enjoying their drinks.

What wasn't as a great was ordering from the bar. The bar up front is a bit cluttered when everyone orders food from it. Perhaps, the expected a lower turn out on Sunday, but waiting at the bar, in-between people seating and drinking wasn't much fun. We saw a nice area to order from, but for whatever reason it was closed when we went. This closed counter meant long lines at the bar.

While eating out back you have a giant dog overlooking the area. Inside you have a rustic wooden look as you are in a barrel. Anywhere you could sit down and enjoy yourself. Idle Hour may need to spice up its menu, but if you just want a bar, you've found a place.