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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Cinefamily Is Dead

The beloved theater can not bounce back from the sexual allegations scandal and the apparent "crippling debt" it's now in.

A letter was posted on Nov 14, 2017 on the Cinefamily site telling the bad news. In the letter, we learn that the exhaustive investigation in sexual assault allegations that was started months ago has ended, but at this point and time didn't find anything that would stand up in court. We also learn that the board of directors for the Cinefamily is dissolving as is anything related to the Cinefamily. The once crazy-about-film organization dies in a very sad way. No final special screening, just it fading away.

The Silent Movie Theater that housed The Cinefamily will be renovated and possibly used for other cinema screenings, but it's far too early to know many details about that.

This is sad news for cinema fans around LA. Though The Cinefamily had some very terrible times, it's awful no other management could take over the organization or run the theater.

The Cinefamily was still an institution of some amazing events over the last ten years that we've both reported on and covered in person. From special horror screenings to directors showing off their films to a small audience, The Cinefamily did it all. I remember a few times being turned away from the theater because it was filled to the brim with people, standing room only. Free screenings of upcoming films, special guests from around the world. So many memories of sitting on the couches up front.

I guess, the last time I was there, I was seeing Snowy Bing Bongs and seeing a live dance performance. A totally weird nonsensical spectacle of three women dressed in silly costumes pulling of some moves.

The Cinefamily was an irreverent place and the cinema history it had will always be remembered.