Monday, July 24, 2017

TTDILA Readers Ask: Why Aren't Your Reviewing Kuso?

Our Answer: It's Gonna Be Really F*cking Gross

At TTDILA we've reviewed a lot of terrible movies, even sometimes picking the "So bad, it's good" movie for your pleasure during our Weekly What To Do. Kuso is in a whole other category as it's trying to be gross, maybe the grossest film ever and it'll more than likely succeed.

Kuso is the story of LA-that's a reason you might have though we'd cover it immediately- where the city has had a major earthquake, possibly the big one and now a lot of people have strange boils. From there the film is suppose to be body horror and weird experimental ideas...gross sexual ideas.

Some are proclaiming it the grossest movie ever which has the title is usually held by 1975's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, whose director managed to get murdered by being run over by his own car. The film, which we suggest you never watch, is the story of essentially Nazis creating a society after escaping WWII with children, yes, in a bad way. They do horrible things.

Now we've never seen Salò, we did however see the movie which we usually don't name, The Greasy Strangler as part of Sundance Nextfest, last year. On a side note, Sundance Nextfest will be returning to LA at The Theater at the Ace Hotel in August with six new films and live music. One of which is the film Bitch, about a Mom losing her mind and becoming a mind only.

At Nextfest we were introduced to Royal, before seeing The Greasy Strangler. A short part of a bigger project from Flying Lotus, a mixed media DJ. We had received a bag with a bit of rope in in as a gift. Only later did we realize that it wasn't a gift bag, but a barf bag!

The rope,, ehhh. You see Royal was actually a part of Kuso, so we've seen some of the film is some of the grossest live action we can muster. It's on par with 80's horror gore...but that gore being sexualized. We don't want to remember it. Because of that, we're not sure if will ever see the finished version.

You, you on the other hand can. It is playing in LA and it might be the only way to alleviate the need or to earn your film lover cred. Because the only way we recommend seeing it is with an audience. Not at someones house, because you don't want memories of that film tied to somewhere you live or visit.

When we saw Royal together with a n audience, we shared a comradery. The audience and us, we cringed together. You have to be pretty sick to watch this by yourself. So share the sickness, the g-d awful gross out that is Kuso, the Japanese word for sh*t with your friends or others. Because it's just unhealthy to watch it alone. It's a first world war story to tell your friends about.

Now Until July 27
The Cinefamily

Sundance Next Fest
Aug 10-13
Theater @ The Ace Hotel
Tickets ($15-$35)

The only one we really would like to see is Bitch +Sleigh Bells. Basically, the story of a housewife so miffed by her awful family she's act like a real bitch, I mean a dog. So now her family has to deal with their Mom being a dog, in mind only. It's not the 80's or 90's where that would have been a real movie