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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Anime Expo 2017: Trigger Panel

As they shot money at us we knew that Trigger plays it a bit differently at AX. When we learned they wanted to fire Nerf guns, but AX axed it, we weren't happy. Let Trigger shoot Nerf guns at it's huge crowds, AX!

We got a special from Inferno Cop showing off our Pres. Trump flipping the finger and having a piece of bread for hair. Eventually Cop's cast sang their rendition of our National Anthem, cept' it went more like, " Hamburgers are great, 'A-m-e-r-i-c-a is g-r-e-a-t."

The money was funny, it was fake Trigger dollars, it still amped up the fans for the Trigger panel. Over the next hour or so we learned about back stories from Little Witch Academia and those stupid enough to leave during that missed out on all the announcements shortly after.

First up was Darling in the FRANKXX, with almost zero details expect what looks like a demon girl in an oversized coat and young guy gazing into each other's eyes. It's a deal with A-1 Pictures.

Next up, SSSS Gridman, directed by Akira Amemiya. It's a beloved cult-live action henshin super-hero show now turned into an anime.

Finally came the news of Promare, which will be directed by Hiroyuki Imaishu and Kazuki Nakashima. They're known for Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill. Once again it was only one visual of a city that seemed to be slighlt on fire with a giant robot and some guy carrying a rocket on a stick.

Next year, maybe will get trailer with these announcements.