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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Anime Expo 2017: FLCL 2 & 3 Panel

 Update: Here's the new trailer
After showing the new trailer four times over the course of the panel we were only given a few details about FLCL seasons 2 and 3.
Here's what we learned:
1. Each season will be 6 episodes.
2. They'll be there on separate shows, so stories and people don't have to be exactly linked.
3. FLCL new seasons will be scored by The Pillows.
4. Season 2 has to do with a young girl in a relationship, Hidemo, and all the strange forces from the first series somehow enter her life.
5. From a new staff who previously  worked on One-Punch Man and Space Dandy.
6. Out in 2018.
7. Season will be separated by a break, could be months, but both out in 2018.