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Monday, July 3, 2017

Questing @ AX 2017

This year there were multiple quests to go on to get free schwag. Let's go through them.

Viz has the Sailor Moon Crystal quest that earns you a Sailor Moon Scarf. To earn the scarf you have to find the hidden sailor scouts around the main hall. They clip your post card and then you reurn it for one final clip to get the goodie.

Dragon Ball Super worked with Scrap this year to go on a far flung quest of puzzles, you'll have to go through them and it's suppose to take an hour. Right now the only prize we saw was some Super Sayain Pink Hair to wear.

NIS America's Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of DANA Quest has you getting two stamps at their booth, then heading out to find two more in the main hall then back for one more. It nets you a sweet medal with a Mission Accomplished on it. You also got to spin their prize wheel and could win even more free loot.

We doubt the medals are still in stock. We asked day one about their availability and they guessed they'd be gone on the first day.

dood! We would have just liked a medal with the Prinnies on it!