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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Doom Patrol #7 Back To The Old Ways

We haven't done a comic review in a while-so that should be some indication on how much we cared about this single issue- you see, we couldn't pass up writing about Doom Patrol #7 from writer Gerard Way and art from Mike Allred from DC's Young Animal line of weirder comics. Doom Patrol has been going in a different directions over the years, but this issue pays homage to just how nutty the original series was back in the 1960's.

It all starts with a trip to the mall and the old team leader, The Chief, Niles Caulder spying on one of the Doom Patrol eating fries. After a bad introduction the former team leader is off to Orange Julius in wait if some of the team want to discuss him being in charge again. Which is a horrible, horrible idea. Just mixing the normality of the mall with the cooky cast has you wondering what's gonna happen.

You don't have to have been reading the series to get into how wacky the situation becomes, because it's so insane that it'll have you questioning what's going on.

For those who have read the old Doom Patrol, it's like picking up a unreleased issue from decades ago.

The current Doom Patrol quickly gets rushed out of their modern outfits and in Robotman's case his body and gets put into the classic costumes of the original team. This is all done in the tempo of a fast-paced Chief, who seems to have a highly convoluted plan in motion. So convoluted that were traveling into dimensions we've never heard of to gather a sort of goo made out of bad ideas. These insane concepts that usually aren't allowed in modern stories dominated the older tales.

The ride keeps gaining more a more momentum as we travel to a unknown world through a whole new way of exploration and the team doesn't even use their super powers that they normally would. All the while The Chief telling them exactly what to do.

Now to step back for a second and even revealed again in the comic is that The Chief, caused everyone on the original teams "accidents" that changed them and made them into super heroes and other really bad stuff. So him becoming leader of the Doom Patrol again is a great way to look back at the old comics and really see him as an insane super-smart sociopath that was forcing the Doom Patrol to do whatever he fancied.


The result of this adventure has the team back to normal without the Chief, but the ending is just so great. The whole reason the Chief got the team back together was just to pay off a gambling debt?!!

End of spoilers

Getting through it all just shows that however crazy the new adventures the team goes on now-a-days is nowhere as weird as it could get in the past.