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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Guildhall eSports Bar/Board Game Lounge Coming To Burbank Later This Month

Burbank is getting yet another place to play board games, however, this time you'll be able to get booze at it. Guildhall, the new gaming lounge was listed on Craigslist LA asking for two nerdy bartenders. The new game lounge is set to open in Burbank some time later this month and will feature: " streaming eSports and different video game programming on tvs throughout the bar (think sports bar, only this is just a future sports bar). In addition to that we will also be home to a board game collection filled with 200 games ranging from Agricola to Uno. Our goal is to cater to the growing community of gamers and board game enthusiasts by offering a welcoming environment gather and enjoy their hobbies. As part of that welcoming environment Guildhall will deliver a high quality food/beverage program focusing on local craft beer, well designed cocktails, and elevated bar food."

To our knowledge it'll be the first place to play board games and drink booze in LA as a business as all the other gaming places to have liquor licenses.

We also wonder how much eSports will garner fans to come out and drink.