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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anime Expo 2017 Day One Big Problems: Line Con/Heat Stroke Con

Ehhhh, so the lines to get into Anime Expo 2017 were horrendous this year and I'm not talking registration. Just to get in with a badge, lines were estimated by people outside coming in to be 4-6 hours, making many of them claim it being the worst AX experience they have ever had.

Even Kotaku has written a piece about how bad the lines were in Anime Expo 2017 Is This Weekend And The Line To Get In Is A Special Kind Of Hell

These lines were stretching insanely far and sadly in the sun, Anime Expo really has to plan ahead for these contingencies, it's ridiculous to do this to people who paid to enjoy themselves at your show.

The Anime Expo Fan Facebook page was littered with bad comments throughout the first day and with 100,000 attendees suppose to be in attendance this year we can only hope Sunday goes a Hell of a lot smoother.

On a whole other note parking prices are insane and on average may go up to $40 as the parking lot swindlers around the area can charge whatever price they feel like. It's cheaper just to Uber from your Hotel and back possibly if you'll walk a little away from the front of Halls and clogged traffic.