Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Willows Will Have You

We warn you. We always try and warn you at Things To Do In LA...but sometimes. Sometimes...we're too late. However, this time we can tell you about the wonderful new creepy experience from the same people who have given us Creep LA. The Willows. And they want you.

The Willows is a new experience starting this May from the same people who gave you the creeps for the last two years during Halloween, Creep LA. You may remember them from our yearly Halloween Haunt reviews and they always make the grade.

They've decided to try something a bit out-of-place. Not really a murder mystery, not really a haunted haunted house. It's more of an experience of meeting what they're known for "creeps." Enter The Willows, they're waiting to see you over something that's happened. A strange 2 hour engagement that awaits you and they're having dinner too.

I had a chance to experience The Willows last Friday with some other press. What I thought would happen was well off the table. It was a strange experience from the start that ended with me guessing what exactly did happen to some of the other guests and myself.

Don't worry honored reader, I'm not going to get into any spoilers or anything that may hurt your experience. I am merely a guide on things to do and what started that night.

On a side street in LA, I was told to find parking and make my way to a corner. When I got there, other guests had already arrived. We were asked to get in rows of six, they're were eighteen in all of us. Blindfolded, we were whisked away. With an eerie voice over the radio we were told simply we would be meeting The Willows family. And soon enough we arrived at their mansion.

As we entered we had already been ensnared in by the event. The Willows welcomed us...or at least some did as we started the proceedings. We slowly met all of the family. We were treated like guests, like real guests and the family was already in their roles. Roles they played exceedingly well.

The Willows family must be applauded. I have never experienced such a great interactive element of open and friendliness of people playing their parts and for so long; for all of it to go so wrong. You will feel as though as almost a member of the family catching up...until you are not and the unease wells up in you. All of which comes from the Willows, each with their own quirk and their own direction. They're the event. The house is just a great backdrop, but they are what makes the night special.

Ask them a question. Ask them multiple questions, they'll stay to their roles and they have their back stories down. And that's what such a delight to talk to them, because you're talking to a real person.

You're group is real to. At random or with friends you're meeting people for dinner and more adding to the element of staying just so close to what's real.

When you go you'll find yourself eventually sitting down to a dinner. Not the most extravagant, but if you aren't someone with a big family, getting together, sitting communally at a long table, may already be sparking your interest. At times, I could hear the guests around me getting into real conversation, but that only mixed so far in until The Willows took center stage, while passing the cheese and butter.

The family has issues. Many, many issues and you'll be figuring them out on your possible way with the family in and around the mansion.

You see, your experience can differ as your group may lose itself to separate family members, which has you going on your own adventure and as the night goes on you start wondering, "Well, maybe The Willows aren't so well." And, 'What's going to happen to me?"

In the end I...didn't want it to be over. The Willows had made me felt like part of the family...in their own way, but it was over.

Wait, what happened to those other people in or group...I don't think they came back with us at the end???

In this case, I must recommend you meet The Willows for a least one night and see for yourself as how creepy someone can feel even when invited. You're not going to want to RSVP for their next get-together...or just maybe.

The Willows will premiere to the public in an initial limited weekend run starting Thursday, May 18th- Saturday, May 20th. There will be two performances of the show per night, beginning at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Each show will consist of an audience of 18 people.

However, those nights are already sold out. So look for tickets for this June.

Following the opening weekend, guests can visit http://www.creepla.com/show-information to sign up for future showings of The Willows.  Taking place throughout the year, the show will release tickets to registered guests as dates become available.  Guests can then reserve tickets for up to 8 people.   Once tickets are booked and dates and times are confirmed, guests will receive instructions on where to park. Upon arrival to the parking area, guests will be blind-folded then taken to the undisclosed address of the Willow’s family home.
For more information on The Willows show dates and ticket prices, visit http://www.creepla.com