Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lupin III: Part IV June 17 Toonami

Oh my G-d! After Discotek getting the license ages ago we finally get Lupin III: Part IV dubbed and on Toonami starting June 17th. We've already watched the series subbed and can tell you we can't wait to watch it again. Though only made about two years back they style is eye-catching and has very accurate 70's vibe to the show.

One of the more weird things about the show is that it mostly takes place in Italy. Why? Because the production company got a lot of it's funding from Italy for tourism. No, we're not kidding, this is a real deal promotional tool to motivate the Japanese to visit Italy in the form of a raucous cartoon.

There's almost nothing to dislike about the series including its catchy reminiscent theme and its lounge singer lady ending theme. Which we hope won't be cut by Toonami.

We even get the original dub cast we had through Funimation that aired on Toonami. Sadly, the voice of Zenigata passed on and we'll be replaced.

So get ready for some off-the wall robberies this June!