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Thursday, May 25, 2017

How Did This Get Made? G1988 Art Show June 1

Possibly our favorite podcast-it's between it and Doug Loves Movies-How Did This Get Made is having a tribute art show next week here in LA. June, Paul and Jason are suppose to show up to the opening June 1st at 7PM-9PM at G1998 7308 Melrose Ave. If you've been missing out on their commentary on bad movies you need to catch up, because you might not get the jokes mocking some of the worst films that question, "How Did This Get Made?"

How Did This Get Made? G1988 Art Show
Opening Reception: June 1st at 7PM-9PM
7308 Melrose Ave.

We love the non-sequitur insanity of June's questions. The loving to hate Jason. And they ever trying to hard Paul Scheer who many a time on recent episodes comes off as a creep. They break down the film with a live audience or in studio with a celebrity guest giving us tidbits of info and putting salt in the open wounds of whatever was made and called a movie.