Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Seeso Go Bye-Bye?

Many entertainment sites are saying Seeso could be leaving the video service game this year. Seeso is a comedy based video service from NBCUniversal. Evan Shapiro, head of Seeso, left last week.

It's had some wonderful original content such as Harmon Quest and Hidden America with Jonah Ray. What it hasn't had is good service.

I myself have been plagued with it after a free trial and the service continuing to bill me after I cancelled.

Though that wasn't the worst problem at $3.99 a month. The worst problem with Seeso is Seeso. Who ever the Hell made Seeso should have to use it for any content they want to watch. Because then they can see the unerving mess that is Seeso destroy them with internet worthy of 20 years ago.

Seeso just doesn't work as well as Hulu or Netflix or even the low par Amazon video. Any time I wanted to watch an episode of Harmon Quest or what-not at some point Seeso tries to insert videos about itself. It gives ads for the content you're watching, many times before you watch it. So watching Hidden America has an ad interrupting me what I'm already watching?

Inevitably it stops playing. Every episode I have watched I've had to leaving and come back to have it start working again.

The interface and search are just horrible. It's slow. It's ugly. And it just doesn't work well.

Basically, wait for it to die and get the content later when it gets picked up by a better service.