Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Mummy Day Not Mother's Day 75-Foot Sarcophagus and Tom Cruise May 20

The Mummy remake doesn't have a lot going for it. After a trailer released with no sound that became a huge joke and a director whose considered a joke. Alex Kurtzman's second film since "People Like Us," do you remember that film, no, because no one does. Hollywood and Highland gets The Mummy Day, not Mummy Day, not even a joke to go with Mother's Day?

Oh damn, why didn't marketing just do it on Mother's Day... Wow, this is just stupid. I kind of want to go to just talk to marketing people there and keep saying why not just do it on Mother's Day.

Anyway, on the poorly named "The Mummy Day" which doesn't take place on Mother's Day, but Saturday, May 20th...Oh, and the movie comes out June 9th.

Universal, just doesn't care.

Anyway, we get 75-Foot Sarcophagus at Hollywood and Highland Center with Tom Cruise in person. I mean he's old now, but I think a regular sized sarcophagus would have been funny for him to come out of.

We also get the cliche and not that great VR tack-on The Mummy VR Zero Gravity Stunt Experience and the possibly fun The Mummy Escape Game, whereby you are are recruited as a security guard to solve interactive puzzles to save mankind from the mummy.

via Deadline