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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Pack Review: It would have been better if it was set in the 80's

Nick Robertson's The Pack was so bad while watching with friends, we envisioned our own film, a film set in the 80's. A film where the dogs were smart enough to learn drive cars. A film where they would chew faces off. Where dogs would take constitutionals with a newspaper behind a tree. Where dicks get bitten off, dammit!

IFC has no excuse and neither does director Nick Robertson for making a horror film so bad it's not even funny. So bad a dog should bury it.

This is merely a few words on what should be TTDILA's first re-dubbing and it might be one day. Hopefully, one day we will come together and do a completely new audio track for this cheap mess. A track where the dog's can talk, because as is, you should never see this luke-warm release from IFC.

The Pack